You are what you eat! 6 nutrition tips for event organizers

For anyone to carry healthy nutrition is a difficult task, so for an event organizer and his crazy schedules, more. Even so, good nutrition is essential to face stressful agendas and successfully overcome the work routine.

Here we gather 6 nutrition tips for event organizers , to help you face the planning tasks taking care of habits … and the stomach.

6 nutrition tips for event organizers

1. Have breakfast every day

The breakfast is the basis of adequate food , so forget to put any kind of excuse not to spend your time at breakfast.

The excuse that is used frequently is that you do not have time, but the reality is that you have not managed to manage the first minutes of the day. Set the alarm about 15 minutes before and prepare a coffee and a toast – at least – to accumulate energy until lunch time and face the morning with another mood.

2. Plan your week with time

Planning and preparing your daily meals will help you save time and not improvise your diet. What would you like to eat? What do you need? When are you going to buy the products?

Organize your week leaving a few hours to plan everything you need to eat, and don’t go shopping on an empty stomach! This mistake we all make ends up filling the shopping cart with unnecessary and unhealthy products.

3. Have drinks on hand that give you energy

To stay energized all the time, you must make sure that your blood sugar level does not fall too low. To prevent fatigue from taking over you it is advisable to have healthy drinks nearby , in addition to foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables such as snacks (for example, carrots, or protein bars).

An energy drink and something to calm your stomach in the middle of the morning will give you back the strength you need for a day of organizing events.

4. Take advantage of lunchtime to rest

Try to apply the Zen philosophy at your mealtime: “Here and now.” When you stop to eat, eat. Take at least 30 minutes to rest your head and think of something other than planning your event.

It will be good for your body and your mind to disconnect from the organization of your project or from the stressful work of your business. Take advantage of the meal time, and turn it off.

5. Water is essential

We are not going to tell you anything new: water is the best balm for exhaustion. Water prevents headaches and fatigue, increases concentration and energy and makes your skin shine!

It is advisable to always have a bottle of water on hand, at your desk if you work in an office, or near where you are planning your event. With a little discipline, you will drink more water.

6. Use quality products

Pay attention to the quality of the products you buy because sometimes you think you are paying for something healthy … and no. Take a look at the nutritional information and find out what exactly you are ingesting, in addition to knowing what the production conditions are.

And now that you have these brief nutrition tips, apply them to your day-to-day life as an event organizer and live a little more relaxed. Your project will thank you!

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