Survival guide for festival organizers

Since you do the first task until your event stands up, it is inevitable that you will encounter unforeseen obstacles and last minute changes. As an event organizer, you have to take care of the details and be prepared for the worst possible scenario, how? With a Survival Guide for organizers.

Survival guide for festival organizers

Part of the planning of an event is the anticipation of possible problems to go one step ahead and not panic in any situation. To help you stay calm and have your strategic planning template consider all options, we have devised the ultimate survival plan for festival organizers . Take note!

Be clear about the goals and objectives of your event

One of the most important steps when planning a festival is to write down the goals and objectives of your event .

Having a reminder of your goals on hand will help you prioritize tasks and monitor progress.  Be very strict in everything related to making sure that your plans go as planned and that they are aligned with your goal. If you waste too much time on something unrelated to your goals, it is time to change tactics.

Learn to delegate

A fundamental point in this survival guide is knowing how to choose your team . In an event and in life in general you are as good as the people around you.

It is impossible for a single person to handle all the details involved in planning a festival, no matter how big or small it is. The delegation of tasks is essential if you want to avoid getting burned and focus on few things but do them successfully.

Take note of your strengths and weaknesses and begin to distribute tasks accordingly . And do n’t forget to schedule regular checks to make sure your team is aligned and working to achieve the same goals.

Make technology work for you

When it comes to events, you need to have technology on your side from the beginning. It is important to choose a reliable ticket provider with a platform you can trust.

Here are some of the points you should look for in your ticket sales partner :

  •       The ability to create an attractive and customizable event page
  •       Simple and secure payment processing
  •       Easy accreditation for event attendees
  •       The ability to manage and track your sales with real-time reports and analytics
  •       A mobile application that allows you to execute, promote and track your event from any device, at any time.


Prepare a marketing plan

The promotion of your festival in the right channels for the right people is one of the keys to the success of your event.

It is important to get people to learn and encourage you to attend your event from the preparation of the first details. Having a content marketing plan that tells the story of your festival can help you achieve it.

Do not forget to turn to your circle of influencers to help you spread the word (in addition to sponsors , people who support you, suppliers and other strategic partners with whom you may be working).

Take time for relaxation

You will need all the energy you have, especially in the final stages of planning. Take breaks, exercise, get enough sleep and do what you need to disconnect and have a clear mind especially on the days before the event starts up .

If your festival is held every year, you will have a good road map to which you can return annually. If this is the first time the event is held, it is probably necessary to go testing and see what works and what doesn’t to plan correctly. For each of the events you organize, you should try to build on the previous one: improve, move forward and put more inspiring ideas on the table.

To include improvements that make you move forward you must take into account the opinions of your attendees, and for this you can use the Survey Monkey Event Survey Guide.

Starting to plan soon will allow you to keep the attention and energy you need to keep up the good pace and carry out an impressive festival. Your success on the day of the event works from many months before.

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