Music for events: tips for creating the perfect playlist

You plan to organize an event for your friends but you don’t know what kind of music they like, or have you organized a showroom or wine tasting and you have no idea what music to play to accompany you?

Calm down, we understand you: pleasing everyone is a very difficult mission, and more so if you bring people of all ages together in your event. To help you we have prepared tips to choose the music for the event and create the perfect playlist . The music starts …

Music for events: tips for creating the perfect playlist

If you want to be safe, at any informal party or gathering between friends, great successes , music from other decades (compilations of the 80s or 90s) and famous artists who make everyone sing never fail  . If your event is something more professional, keep these tips in mind so that your event has a good soundtrack:

1. How to create your music playlist

DJ Rafael Lebre, responsible for putting music on one of the most lively parties in Sao Paulo , advises that if you have doubts about how to please most of the guests of your event, you just have to invest in the liveliest music, rhythms danceable and well-known lyrics : “The sound that pleases most is, without a doubt, the one that is known. Soul and funk are rhythms in which I see more dedication, but artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna or Queen are always the ace in the manga. ”

2. Choose the first and last song carefully

The first song of a playlist is essential. The theme that opens the event will set the pace , literally speaking, of the evening. And of course, the last song will be the one that leaves your attendees wanting to repeat or not at your next event.

Choose good songs and get your event attendees to enter and leave your plan wanting to repeat.

3. Be careful with the lyrics of the songs

It is essential to investigate the type of audience that will be at your event . Avoid rude lyrics that can annoy any of the attendees, and if you want to choose music with some social conscience, dodge the verses with sexist or denigrating content for a group, it will be a point in your favor.

If the event is going to have a child or youth audience, choosing a selection with radio and varied themes will keep them dancing throughout the event. If there are middle-aged people, a selection with their youth themes, will make them dance immediately.

Study the demographics of your attendees and choose accordingly.

4. Maintain a sound coherence

Although you will have a varied group of attendees at your event with diverse musical tastes, you cannot mix songs and styles without consistency. Choose the musical styles that you will play in your playlist and that the songs will flow with a narrative order in crescendo .

5. Does anyone ask for a song you don’t have?

In all the celebrations and events that feature a DJ, there is a time when you live the typical scene of someone whispering in the ear of the DJ the song you want to hear. In this case, if  you don’t have the song  on your playlist, improvise and put something similar from an artist related to that style .

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