How to use comments from your attendees to sell more tickets

To choose a restaurant, buy a blender, choose tickets for a concert, or book your next vacation, the recommendations of users or attendees are increasingly important.

In the Internet era, online comments can lead you to success … or sink if you don’t know how to manage them on time. In this article we show you how to  use comments from your attendees to sell more tickets and how to  collect ratings on your event or business to improve your project.

How to use comments from your attendees to sell more tickets

How to collect comments from your attendees 

The most common and effective way to get helpful comments from your event attendees is to take a survey after the event .

Whether sending a survey to participants by email or through an event application , the opinions of those who have been to your event will allow you to discover what has worked and what you can improve.

How to send a survey via email after the event

Many people do not know where and how to share their comments and actively seek ways to do so. For these people interested in telling how they had an event and for those who do not consider it a priori, an email survey is the perfect option to get theirfeedback .

Tips for submitting an effective survey

1. Act on time

If your event ends on a Friday, do not wait to send the email the following Friday, send it on Monday. The survey should be in the inbox of the attendees as soon as possiblebecause it increases the likelihood of answering and providing more accurate information.

2. Indicate a deadline

Tasks with no deadline are often postponed and are never carried out. Indicate the deadline on which you need the assessment at the latest to give your email an urgent character.

3. Encourage participation

In addition to setting a deadline for the delivery of the survey, you must offer some incentive to get participants to spend time evaluating your event . Draw two tickets for next year’s event among all participants, or a pack of original gifts.

4. Be grateful

The attendees to whom you send the survey are very busy, which means they rarely have time to read emails from start to finish. Therefore, you should not start the mail asking for their opinion, but you should thank their assistance .

How to use the ratings of those attending your event to promote yourself 

When buying tickets or joining courses and conferences, we increasingly rely on the opinions of friends and acquaintances. Testimonials are, therefore, a form of marketing that allows you to build trust in your brand. But there are things you should keep in mind when using the opinions of your followers to promote yourself:

1. If you are going to use textual quotes from opinions, explicitly ask permission to publish the person’s name. Do not forget to mention the purpose for which you will use them.

2. Always offer participants the opportunity to remain anonymous despite sending an assessment.

When you invest time and budget in organizing your event, you should know what the attendees like and what needs to be improved . Take advantage of the experience of those who bought your tickets and grow with your event.

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