How to send the perfect email with the invitation to your event

Millions of emails leave and enter the inboxes of organizers and attendees every day. How to send the perfect email is something you should know so that your event is not lost in a tide of messages, especially if it is an invitation you make for an influenceror special assistant that you want to be there enjoying the experience you have organized.

How to send the perfect email with the invitation to your event

1. The matter

In the subject of your email you must be clear, concise and above all, brief!

Two very useful techniques when creating email issues are:

  • Create a sense of urgency: “This is only for you!”, “Here is your invitation!”
  • Personalize with the name, the recipient’s city and some detail that makes you feel special by receiving that invitation.

2. Name of the sender

To prevent your email from landing in the spam tray, take care of the name that event attendees see in the inbox when they receive information about your event.

Among the key points to write a perfect email is to send them from a recognizable source, such as the brand of the event or the name of the company, especially if it is the first time you communicate with the person to whom you send the invitation.

3. Mail holder and body

You are sending an invitation, be brief and quickly clarify why you have chosen that person  and what is the event you want to attend.

Place information such as date, location, or a link to buy tickets, at the top of the email. Distribute your event information in short paragraphs and clear headlines that summarize the lines that follow it.

Remember: this email is to invite someone specific to your event and it should be clear what the invitation includes, where and when the event is and on what date you should have your confirmation.

4. Call To Action

Although you are sending an invitation for your event, you must include a clear CTA (call to action) so that the reader knows where to buy tickets for your event in case he wants to be accompanied by more friends.

The CTA should go to the top and bottom of your email so that attendees can find it as quickly and easily as possible.


Once you send the email with the invitation for your event to all the people you are interested in having there, remember that both the guests and the general assistants will be interested to know that their opinion is important to you. Ask for feedback from people who have been to your event and take advantage of all that information to improve year after year.



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