How to organize a successful family event

Today’s families are made up of mothers and fathers who are used to living experiences, and when they participate in an event with their children, they will not be content with anything. They are demanding and look for original plans, so take note of how to organize a family event and start experimenting from this summer.

We start!

How to organize a family event for the summer

1. The label “for the whole family” does not mean “only for children” 

The families of the 21st century are increasingly looking for more experiences to share with their children. Today’s mothers and fathers spend many hours working in most cases, so free time they want to invest in living plans to remember, give them to them!

When you organize a family event, think that adults should have a good time just like children . Organize activities in which both generations will enjoy and do not limit yourself to creating experiences only for the little ones in the house.

2. Fathers and mothers are busy, make it easy

Families now, when they think what to do, have five main questions for those who want to know the answers before attending an event or participating in an experience. Your website or social networks should provide the information they need so that they are not going to look for it anywhere else:

  •   Will the event be interesting for my children?

    If you want your event to be more attractive to families who ask this question, offer activities for different age groups , because they may have several children with different ages. Also, remember that capturing the attention of the little ones is not an easy task, so it raises dynamic , fun plans and where the little ones in the house can burn all their energy.

  •   When is?

    It is difficult to know the best time to organize a family event, because children often have summer camps or extracurricular activities, and parents sometimes have impossible agendas. What can you do to choose the best moment? Ask your target audience. Launch a survey between your database and ask parents directly at what time of the year and at what times they need or want these family plans.

  •   Where is? Will there be parking?

    Families have to carry many things when they embark on a plan. Children are unpredictable and the option of traveling by car is often the most practical for carrying diapers, food, spare clothes, water bottles, strollers … So the l ugar in which you organize your event is almost as important as the moment or activities.
    Be sure to choose a location that is accessible to families and provides a space for parking, because wasting time looking for a place to park will subtract points from your experience.

  •   How much are the tickets?

    The cost of an event can be prohibitive for many families, so it is important to find the ideal point to set the price of your event . Think about offering discounts such as advance purchases or packs for families to make your tickets more attractive.

  •   Who organizes this event?

    Current parents rely on the Internet to investigate before buying an experience . Families will search on social networks or opinion portals who is the organizing team, what references there are about the place and the event or even what other plans you have organized.
    One of the things that generates more confidence in today’s parents is the security that is in place at the event and the possibility of being calmbecause their children will be watched by professionals, so emphasize this powerful aspect.

    Tip: You can reach an agreement with moms and dads influencers who recommend your event after having lived the experience.

    3. Spread your experience for the whole family and generate opinions

To start spreading your experience in the best possible way, it is very important to have a good description of the event . You have to offer parents a clear idea of ​​what your event is and why you have to be the option they choose among all that they have on the table.

How to show the best of your event in a few lines ?:

  •   Write two or three sentences that summarize why your event is unique. Be original and direct.
  •   Show that you understand what your audience is and their needs. Tell how you are going to entertain the little ones in the family.
  •   Show how much they will enjoy your event by supporting you in photography and video, either professionally or through the graphic material that other attendees share.

4. Reach current families with social networks

Younger families find events on social networks and through recommendations from third parties. To grow the presence of your event on social networks  , follow four steps of Facebook and Instagram experts:

  •   Publish visual content that shows families of all kinds having fun at your event
  •   Publish frequently , as a constant rate of content is important to get users to participate
  •   Sell ​​tickets directly on Facebook or Instagram
  •   Partner with parents’ favorite influencers and create promotional campaigns on Instagram

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