How to organize a showroom

Surely in recent times you have heard the word “showroom” quite frequently, and it is possible that you have been invited to more than one, but… what is it? How can you use this type of event to promote your idea? Attentive, that we tell you how to organize a showroom and that everyone starts to know your product.

How to organize a showroom

What is a showroom?

We start with the basics: what is a showroom ? 
This concept refers to a space in which a company exhibits its products or novelties. Normally in a showroom there is no stock to sell, but it is a sample of the best items of a brand, so that the customer who visits it can customize their order after testing the product.
The showroom is widely used in the world of fashion, but its use is being extended in more sectors.

Tips for organizing a showroom

1.Choose the location well

You can have a permanent or temporary showroom , and in both cases (especially in the second case), it is very important to choose a good location.

Your goal is to receive a large number of  potential clients or collaborators , so a central or well-connected area will be the perfect option.

2. Take care of the details and decoration of the showroom

It is important to take care of small details related to the decoration , which must convey a clear message and that connects with the philosophy of your brand You should also monitor the dimensions of the room and be clear about the capacity  it admits and the quantity of products that you can show according to the dimensions of the space.

3. Create a strategic planning template

No matter what type of event you organize, from a conference to a showroom : you must have a strategic communication plan .  In this template you must include the steps to follow before, during and after the event, so that you do not miss any fundamental task.

Among the important actions is contacting specialized media that can talk about your showroom .

4. Invite the right people

Create your list of accreditations and invitations so that the right people are in your showroom . In your invitations do not forget to mention when and where the event is and details such as dress code (if necessary) and if the invitation includes or not companion.

5. Individual attention

In a showroom to attention must be in charge of no more than two people. Of course, they must be specialists in the field, know the brand and products that are offered perfectly. Thus, the sale will be much easier.

6. Offer a cocktail service or a gastronomic detail at your inauguration

showroom is also a social event and you must create the environment for ties to be created. How? An alternative is to offer a cocktail service, offer a wine tasting, or give a small detail as personalized cookies. It’s about exploiting the more social side of the event. Thus, both clients and collaborating brands will enjoy and relax during the event, one of the keys to its success.

6. Be visible on social networks

Get your potential customers to locate the  showroom without problems and know what they will find. Social networks are important to promote your event , so take advantage of them as a speaker.

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