How to make a difference with your conference in 5 steps

Large conferences do not earn their reputation overnight. Event planning involves a year or more of work, but that does not mean that it is not possible to take steps today to make your next conference an unforgettable experience for your attendees .

How to make a difference with your conference in 5 steps

1. Make your attendees protagonists

Event attendees want to know that they are paid attention, but the time spent on budgets or ticket sales, makes you forget the true protagonists.

Thanks to the new technology applied to events , you can combine marketing tools, social networks and CRM platforms, for example, with your event. This type of action will allow you to refer to an assistant by name and organization when you contact him, give him a personalized welcome and gain his confidence so that he wishes to attend your conference and events on more than one occasion.

2. Help attendees connect with sponsors

Sponsors provide a necessary boost to your budget and your event. But if conference attendees have to fill out tedious forms to leave their data, they will think twice … and it is normal for them to do so.

To connect your attendees and your sponsors , use social media raffles , contests to obtain valuable courses or experiences or alternatives that are not as rudimentary as filling out a sheet with your contact information.

PRO Tip: The RFID wristbands allow attendees to give their contact information with a simple slip or twist of the wrist.

3. Use the new technologies in your conference

To make your conference attendees more involved, you can use features such as automatic notifications , which will allow the public to receive relevant news and reminders that will keep their interest alive.

You can also ask your attendees to participate in live surveys or to send questions for the question and answer sessions.

4. Be original and create memories

When you organize a professional conference, thinking about the merchandising that you want attendees to take as a souvenir is not a task to leave last minute . Remember: your name will remain written in that gift, think well what you want it to be.

For example, if your attendees will have time for networking, an original and fun idea to remember you is to include phrases to start printed conversations in disposable cups. They will remember your name and your logo together with this curious initiative.

Once you have offered an original experience and gifts, conference attendees will expect you to do so again. Unfortunately, you won’t get it by repeating exactly what you did last time, so … to innovate!

5. Use the right language for your attendees

Although your conference is professional, the public is not always the same .

For example, a conference on medical advances aimed at eminences within the world of surgery (a much larger, more experienced profile) is not the same as a conference for a group of tourism entrepreneurs (a younger profile belonging to a more dynamic sector).

Be clear to whom you are addressing and adapt your tone and the structure of the conference to the demographic range of most of your attendees.

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