10 guerrilla marketing ideas for event organizers

If you are looking for a creative way to promote your next event, a guerrilla marketing campaign could be a successful solution.

But perhaps you are wondering what is guerrilla marketing? What are the best ideas?We will answer these questions in the next few minutes, stay!

10 guerrilla marketing ideas for event organizers

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a series of advertising strategies that use unconventional techniques and that require minimal investment to achieve maximum media dissemination.

This type of marketing rejects traditional advertising methods and instead uses creative and surprising techniques to draw attention to your event or business.

Compared to other methods, guerrilla marketing leaves no room for error. If you make a mistake in your campaign, the result could scare, annoy or even annoy the audience.

How to do guerrilla marketing well? You need to have a clear conception of your brand, your event and your target audience . And then, give creativity free rein. To help you we have compiled ten guerrilla marketing ideas , take note !:

10 guerrilla marketing ideas

1. Pop-up events

A pop-up event can be many things: from the opening of a physical store of a business that until now was online, until the launch of a new product. They are characterized by developing in a short period of time and in a temporary location. 
These types of events carry little risk and low cost, but they make your brand known.

A good location contributes greatly to the success of the campaign, so find out where your target audience is and what is the best way to reach it.

2. Urban art

In collaboration with a local artist, you could paint a graffiti or a mural that catches the attention of passersby . As with most guerrilla marketing actions, timing and location also play an important role here. Ideally, choose a lively and busy street so that as many participants as possible see the artwork.

To avoid problems, clarify in advance all the details with the owner of the building or the land and request an express permission to use the wall or the street.

3. Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising is that customers can actively “experience” the product and, therefore, get personally involved.

A very successful advertising action within this type of action was the Carlsberg poster campaign , with a beer dispenser. The pedestrians could pour themselves a beer on the poster itself. Yes, for a campaign of this caliber you must invest a lot of money, but only for the media impact is it worth it.

4. Flashmobs

Flashmobs are actions starring a large group of people who suddenly meet in a public place, perform an unusual dance or act and then quickly disperse .
Although it is still a good idea, fast and relatively cheap, the truth is that it requires high precision planning.

To gather enough participants, you can encourage your own employees or make an appeal through social networks.

Importantly: a flashmob only works with a large crowd, it has to be creative and have a good choreography.

5. Interactive machines

Before the Sochi Olympics , automatic machines were installed in the Moscow metro that accepted 30 squats instead of money as payment. This advertising campaign had tremendous success with a great media impact both on the Internet and in the conventional press.

These creative methods to involve people with a brand are very popular among event visitors and remain in their memory for a long time.

6. Themed sets

Placing themed sets in appropriate places can create an aura of mystery around your event and, among other things, encourage people to write comments and share your action on social networks.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the documentary series “Shark Week,” the Discovery Channel television channel placed surfboards bitten by sharks on the famous Australian beaches, which generated great excitement. Curious passersby found detailed information about this special edition in the tables.

7. Scripture in heaven

This action consists of leaving certain messages in the sky “written” with smoke by small planes .

However, you should keep in mind that writing in the sky is only visible for a short time and your audience has to be abroad to see it (although social networks are responsible for spreading the event quickly).

8. Geofilters

Geofilters are illustrations or “filters” for Instagram photos that you can only use in certain regions.

The well-known music festival of Coachella dazzled its visitors with geofilters of the most unusual. Each performance and each artist of the program had its own graphics, which allowed Snapchat users to capture their best moments at the festival and share them with the world.

9. Adhesive vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is an easy and economical way to publicize your brand. You can place them in shop windows, public transportation, bus stops and elevators.

A good example of this is the “Steaming Manhole” campaign of the Folgers coffee brand . They covered smoking sewer covers with vinyl that looked like a cup of coffee if viewed from a certain angle. Thanks to the rising steam that pierced the vinyl through the small holes, passersby could almost smell the aromatic drink.

10. Art that can be played

The interactive artistic installations attract the viewer and make the experience personal and unforgettable. This guerrilla marketing strategy can help you create a deep emotional bond with your target audience.

For example, the beverage brand Absolut Vodka created a sculpture made with vodka bottles. As soon as a visitor touched it, the installation began to glow following the person’s heartbeat.

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